Your eyes are one of your most vital organs, playing a crucial role in how you perceive the world around you. At Harrison Coley Opticians, we believe in not only providing top-tier eyewear but also in promoting the importance of maintaining good eye health. Our FAQs delve into common concerns and best practices to ensure your eyes remain in optimal condition. Dive in to learn more and ensure you’re taking the best possible care of your vision.

How often should I have an eye examination??
Regular eye examinations are essential for maintaining good eye health. We recommend adults have their eyes tested every 1-2 years. However, if you experience any sudden changes in vision or eye discomfort, it’s crucial to see an optometrist immediately.
What are the common signs of eye problems?
Common signs include blurry vision, frequent headaches, difficulty seeing at night, double vision, eye strain, and seeing floaters or flashers. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s essential to book an eye examination.
How can I protect my eyes from screen fatigue?
Screen fatigue or digital eye strain is common in today’s digital age. To reduce its effects, follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and focus on something 20 feet away. Adjusting screen brightness, increasing text size, and ensuring proper posture can also help.
What brands of eyewear do you offer?

We proudly stock a diverse range of brands including Silhouette, Ted Baker, Lacoste, Hackett Bespoke, Morel, and many more. Each brand offers unique designs and features to cater to different preferences.

Do you offer any special promotions or discounts?

Yes, we frequently have special offers and promotions. Please click here to see our current offers.

Can I get prescription sunglasses?
Absolutely! We can fit prescription lenses in all our frames, allowing you to create prescription sunglasses that match your style.
What is your Eye Care Plan?

Our Eye Care Plan provides comprehensive eye care, including regular eye examinations and additional diagnostic procedures, all for a fixed monthly fee. Members also enjoy exclusive benefits such as a whopping 30% discount on all new spectacle frames, and up to 25% on prescription spectacle lenses including Varifocals. 

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment through our online booking portal here or contact us directly via phone.

Do you offer contact lenses?
Yes, we are a pioneering contact lens practice and offer a wide range of high-quality contact lenses from leading manufacturers.
Can I get a refund or exchange my glasses?
We have a dedicated return and exchange policy. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our team in practice for assistance.
How do I care for my glasses or contact lenses?
Proper care can extend the life of your eyewear. We recommend using a microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses and following the guidelines provided for contact lens care. We also offer cleaning sprays and solutions in-store.
Do you offer children's eyewear?
Yes, we have a diverse range of children’s prescription glasses and sunglasses suitable from infancy to early adulthood.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards. We no longer accept cash or cheque.
Can I use my own frame for new lenses?
Absolutely! We can fit new lenses into your existing frame. Just bring them in, and our team will assist you.
What is the difference between polarised and non-polarised sunglasses?
Polarised sunglasses reduce glare from surfaces like water, roads, and cars, offering clearer vision in bright conditions. Non-polarised sunglasses reduce overall brightness but don’t necessarily eliminate glare.
How do I know which frame suits my face shape?
Our experienced team is here to help! We offer style consultations to find the perfect frame that complements your face shape and personal style.
What are the benefits of high index lenses?
High-index lenses are thinner and lighter than regular lenses, making them more comfortable, especially for higher prescriptions.
How long does it take to get my glasses or contact lenses after ordering?
Typically, glasses are ready for collection within 10-14 working days, and contact lenses may vary based on the type and prescription.
How can I provide feedback or make a complaint?
We value your feedback! Please contact our group practice manager Daniel Utting directly at dan@theeyecaregroup.co.uk, and he will look to address your concerns as best possible.
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