See Smart

Welcome to a new era of vision care. At Harrison Coley Opticians March, we’re thrilled to introduce See Smart—a groundbreaking, non-surgical vision correction solution that works while you sleep. Say goodbye to the hassles of glasses and contact lenses, and embrace a life of crystal-clear vision.

How It Works

your path to clear vision

A Seamless 3-Step Journey to Transform Your Sight

Step 1 – Claim Your Free 60-Day Trial: Fill out our quick form to start your journey towards better vision.

Step 2 – Attend a Free Consultation: Schedule a convenient time for a no-obligation consultation to ensure See Smart is the right fit for you.

Step 3 – Experience the Transformation: Enjoy naturally clear vision and decide if you’d like to continue with our service.

Why Choose See Smart?

Say Goodbye to Old Problems, Say Hello to New Possibilities

No More Glasses: Eliminate sore points on your nose and ears caused by wearing glasses.

No More Soft Contact Lens Problems: Say goodbye to dryness and discomfort from soft contact lenses.

No Need for Laser Eye Surgery: Avoid the risks and costs associated with surgical procedures.

Pricing and Free Trial

Transparency You Can Trust

Experience the Future of Vision Care Without Breaking the Bank

Experience See Smart with our free 60-day trial. After the trial, continue enjoying the benefits for a nominal £50 per month via direct debit. No hidden costs, no extras.

Very welcoming and professional staff. It was thanks to them that I was made aware of SeeSmart overnight contact lenses, which work by actively moulding the surface of your eye as you sleep. As someone who works in plumbing, this means enjoying the benefits of perfect vision without dealing with the hassle of having to clean your glasses every ten minutes or being worried that dust might get between regular contacts and your eye. As I understand it, very few practices have the equipment necessary for SeeSmart, so props to them for making the investment. I can’t recommend it enough, especially to people in the trades.
Mihai Ovidiu Radulescu

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